Pre-finished, modular Open Frame solutions
from the house of Wöhr

Protected from electrical and mechanical influences, the display is closed on all sides but also open (open frame). The ultra-flat construction allows an installation in switchboards, machines and automats or as adververtising displays e.g. in banks, shopping centres, public institutions or stations.

Specifications of the Open-Frame-mechanics:

  • Available in sizes 15“, 17“, 19“, 21,5", 26“ and 42“; further sizes on request
  • Easy adaption at customer specifications possible due to our basic constructions
  • Modular system, offering infinite installation and mounting options
  • Pre-finished in chromated aluminum, stainless-steel or galvanized sheet steel
  • Passive cooling
  • Depending on installation suitable for high IP protection
  • Long-term available
  • Mounted version with touch screen or float glass pane up to complete systems for different applications

The different versions of WOF-open-frame-solutions with order numbers and project-based mechanical versions and mountings you can see here.




Our concept for your individual Open-Frame-configuration:

Bolts, cable exits, screw joints, ventilation openings etc are adapted to the customer-specific / application-specific configurations. The mechanics are seperately available in the different versions.

Take advantage of our longstanding competence, when it comes to tailor-made solutions!